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Curriculum Pathways Introduces Crio, Interactive Lesson Builder

Curriculum Pathways® free open resource lets educators create and share interactive lessons
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Crio allows teachers to create interactive online resources using a library of audio, text, images, video and interactive content from Curriculum Pathways.

Features include:

  • A library of elements including audio, text, images, video and several question types.
  • Customizable feedback with options for explanations, suggestions and encouragement to promote deeper engagement beyond simple right or wrong responses.
  • A variety of question types, not simply multiple choice.
  • Robust lesson guide area provides notes, strategies and additional resources for the creator, or other educators using the lesson.
  • A portfolio for students to save, manage and send their work.
  • Options for embedding and sharing lessons.
  • Integration in learning management systems including a variety of single sign on options.
  • Ability to share lessons publicly with millions of Curriculum Pathways users around the world.
  • Outlets for providing suggestions to Curriculum Pathways regarding new features for future releases.

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